Our History

Kiran International (IT Company in Kuwait and Dubai UAE) was founded in Kuwait in the year of 1977. Since then, Kiran International has consistently managed to help its clients achieve their goals of higher quality, lower cost, and shorter schedules. Projects have spanned most sectors including energy and utilities, public work, housing, and urban development, oil, petrochemical, and environmental engineering.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, reliable, and high-quality services to clients throughout GCC. We fulfill our mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify, and respond to the client’s/Project needs. Operating in a highly competitive environment, Kiran International continuously strives for excellence, aimed at fulfillment of maximum needs of the project at the lowest possible costs, passing the benefits to its client.

Our Vision

Achieve global brand recognition as a Finest System Integrator where customers find the optimal business solutions to their needs. We are driven to lead the industry by recognizing that every detail of a project’s design is a step on the stairs to excellence.

How can we help you?

Contact us for any kind of IT Support, Services and IT Solutions.

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