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Kiran International have some great experience at designing and deploying Enterprise Wireless Networks Solutions. If you require a "hotspot zone" , Hospitality WiFi Solutions or complete coverage of your building, we have the skill, expertise and solution to give you the results you deserve. We offer a broad range or wireless network services and solutions in Kuwait and Dubai. We have solutions available for enterprise installations, wireless service providers, medical institutions, schools and colleges, government, hotels, marinas, malls and camp grounds. We have alliances with many leading wireless solution vendors including Cisco Systems, Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Networks and Engenius Access Point.

Our team have Cisco wireless qualifications and understand the importance of security and correct installation, in what are sometimes difficult environments. One measure of our proficiency in wireless networking is our team of Certified Wireless Network Administrators. The CWNA certification is a vendor-neutral wireless networking certification. This certification shows competency in a broad range of wireless networking topics, including the security, administration, wireless site survey, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of wireless network systems. Kiran International Technologies is proud to be one the few CWNP solutions providers in the Gulf Region. After the survey is complete we can determine the amount, type and location of wireless hardware for your installation.

Some of the most demanding environments are Schools, Hotels & Resorts. The children in many schools have had their IT experience improved by the installation of a Primary Technologies designed unified wireless network. We offer a full range of wireless network security solutions to address specific business problems, risks, and opportunities in the wireless environment.

We offer a range of wireless services:
802.11 Wireless Network Site Survey
A site survey should be completed before your wireless network is installed but can be done anytime. Businesses that install wireless networks without a survey often overspend on equipment and have performance issues that are costly to fix. Our Wireless Survey specialists provide you with the best assessment of your wireless networking options available. Our highly regarded expertise in wireless networking technology allows us to perform surveys and deploy wifi networks under the most adverse conditions, succeeding where others fail.

A Blueprint for wireless network installations
Access Point locations
Engenius Wi-Fi Switch deployment
Coverage Areas
Spectrum Analysis
Frequency Allocation
Secure network design

We custom design every wireless network to control coverage areas to contain radio signal within your premises, helping to prevent unwanted, "drive-by" access to your network. We also recommend appropriate wireless security solutions for your needs, that go beyond the limitations of WEP. .

Cost-effective solutions
We get it right the first time
We identify most efficient network topology to minimize number of Access Points needed
We deliver efficient installations by eliminating guesswork
We perform Wireless Site Surveys for 2.4GHz wi-fi (802.11b), 5GHz (802.11a), and emerging standards - for a wide range of products from Cisco, Meru Networks and Netronics.

What we provide:
We provide a detailed report including a floor plan or map of your location with wireless coverage areas, access point location, channel selection, throughput results and background noise.

Using our report you can determine:
How many access points your location requires and where they should be placed.
How to increase security by limiting RF leakage into unwanted areas.
What type of wireless standard to use.
How many users you can support and at what range.
How much network bandwidth you can expect.

Our Vendors:
Cisco Systems.
Ruckus Wireless.
Aruba Networks.
Engenius Access Points.