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Structured cabling is the backbone of any IT infrastructure and business processes within an organisation. High performance and scalability are therefore paramount to maintaining an efficient, competitive and cost-effective business.
A structured cabling system that is able to easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay ahead of the competition, while reducing overall infrastructure costs. No one understands this more than Kiran International.

With more than 10 years experience of designing and installing structured cabling solutions, Kiran International helps organizations implement, transform and manage their structured cabling infrastructures resulting in lower costs, improved performance and increased agility. Kiran International being the distributor of two leading brand of structured cabling from German and Canada respectively Premium Line and Infinique could do any maintenance whether it is related to CAT6, CAT5e or Fiber Optics.
Our expert team of project managers has provided end-to-end network structured cabling solutions for a variety of industries, from hospitality sector to corporate. Whether one location or many, we've got you covered. Datatrend specializes in structured cabling and wireless rollouts... and doing so on time and within budget.

As an end-to-end IT services and solutions provider, we can help ensure your cabling and IT infrastructure is future-proofed to support your organization's strategic goals as well as major business events, such as office expansions, datacenter transformations and new technology adoption.

Our start-to-finish approach includes the following:

Enabling future growth with flexible cabling

Kiran International will help you establish and maintain an optimized cabling infrastructure that offers maximum business value. As a result, your organisation will benefit from:

  • Lower operational costs: With a scalable and flexible structured cabling infrastructure, the cost and disruption associated with future upgrades can be avoided. Simplified management, lower rack requirements and optimized performance will also help to reduce the total cost of ownership of your cabling infrastructure.

  • Reduced risk: By addressing poor patching, legacy infrastructure and insufficient standards, your cabling will be more stable resulting in less downtime and higher throughput for business users. Both key factors in safeguarding productivity and customer service levels.

  • Greater business agility: An optimised cabling infrastructure provides a high-performance, low-latency platform that can be quickly adapted to support additional users, increased network traffic and new technologies. As a result, your organisation will be more responsive to change and therefore more competitive.