Kiran International has been providing computer hardware maintenance services to enhance the full potential of the customers requirement. Our engineers are thoroughly trained and certified to diagnose and repair hardware problems with ease. Our expertise are:

1. Onsite PC, Laptop and Peripherals repair
2. Setup and installation of new machines
3. Installation/Upgrades of Operating systems and Software
4. Hardware installations, upgrades, optimization and tuning
5. Detecting and removal of Virus, Spyware, Malware

We are a unique computer support service provider in Dubai, Kuwait and India. Enjoy a all-inclusive, economical range of user-friendly computer support services that will ensure you are never stuck with a computer problem again. Our Desktop Assistance is a team of highly skilled and qualified computer engineers who can attend your home or business to fix problems that cannot be solved over the phone. The computer engineer will look at the initial call logs and take help of the support team to minimize the cost and disruption to you. Our computer engineers are trained to deliver solutions in friendly, accessible language and to help you avoid recurrent problems by advising you of preventative strategies.

Kiran International has more than ten years of experience with the many different desktop operating systems available and we work with multiple vendors like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo. When your company is ready to upgrade the operating systems on its desktop computers, call on the experts at Kiran International to help you select, install, and maintain the best Operating System to meet your corporate needs.